Site Documentation

Why is Site Documentation Needed?

Site documentation is a critical aspect of health and safety management in New Zealand businesses. It involves the collection and organization of records and information to ensure compliance with legal requirements and promote workplace safety. 

Legal Compliance:

Businesses must maintain accurate records to comply with New Zealand’s strict health and safety regulations.

Hazard Identification:

Documentation helps identify workplace hazards and assess associated risks.

Incident Reporting:

It ensures prompt reporting, investigation, and corrective actions for accidents or incidents.

Emergency Preparedness:

Site documentation includes emergency plans to protect employees and visitors.

Training and Equipment:

It tracks employee training and equipment maintenance, ensuring competence and safe operations.

Audits and Improvement:

Records support audits, inspections, and continuous improvement efforts.


Documentation fosters effective communication and accountability regarding safety matters.

Legal Protection:

It serves as crucial evidence in legal disputes, protecting businesses from liability.

In essence, site documentation is vital for legal compliance, risk management, and the overall safety and well-being of everyone in the workplace.