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Our services

Workplace Health & Safety Experts

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Annual Reviews

We recommend Annual Reviews to PCBUs, involving on-site evaluations to ensure compliance.

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Site Documentation

We help your business determine whether your documentation is compliant with an on-site assessment.

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Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment expertise ensures workplace safety. We identify and mitigate risks, ensuring compliance and a safer environment for your team.

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Workplace Site Audit

Our Workplace Site Audits uncover risks, assess compliance, and offer tailored solutions for a safer, compliant workplace.

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Hazard Identification

Identifying potential risks is the first step toward a safer workplace. Our Hazard Identification services pinpoint dangers and vulnerabilities.

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Commercial Property Audit

We assist Property Managers and Body Corporates in identifying risks within common areas through our specialized Commercial Property Audit Services.

Does your workplace comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015? 

Our consultants can help ensure you have the right systems in place.

Health & Safety Consultancy Services

At Health and Safety Consultants Auckland, we are dedicated to ensuring your workplace is not only compliant with New Zealand’s health and safety regulations but also fosters a safe and healthy environment for all employees. Our comprehensive range of services caters to all aspects of workplace health and safety, from audits to mental health support. Explore our services below:

Workplace Site Audit

Our expert team conducts thorough workplace site audits to assess compliance with health and safety laws, identifying potential risks and providing actionable recommendations to enhance your safety protocols.

Risk Assessment

We provide detailed risk assessments to identify potential hazards in your workplace. By evaluating the likelihood and impact of these risks, we develop strategies to mitigate them effectively.

Hazard Identification

Our hazard identification service helps in pinpointing specific hazards within your workplace, allowing for the implementation of targeted safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries.


Commercial Property Audit

Specialising in commercial properties, we assess buildings and facilities to ensure they meet New Zealand’s health and safety standards, offering solutions to address any areas of concern.

Annual Reviews

We offer annual review services to ensure your health and safety practices remain up-to-date and effective. Regular reviews help in adapting to changes in regulations and workplace dynamics.

Site Documentation

Our team assists in creating and maintaining comprehensive site documentation, including safety plans and emergency procedures, ensuring you have all necessary records for compliance and best practices.

Technical Support

We provide ongoing technical support for all your health and safety needs. Whether you have a question about compliance or need advice on safety equipment, our experts are here to assist.

Accident Investigation

In the event of an accident, our thorough investigation process helps in identifying the cause and implementing measures to prevent future occurrences, thereby ensuring a safer workplace.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Recognising the importance of mental health in the workplace, we offer services to support mental well-being, including strategies to reduce stress and promote a positive work environment.

Stationary Containment Systems

We specialise in the design and implementation of stationary containment systems to manage and mitigate risks associated with the storage of hazardous substances, ensuring your workplace is safe and compliant.

Why Choose Us?

At Health and Safety Consultants Auckland, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge, tailored approach, and commitment to creating safer workplaces across Auckland. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your workplace safer and more compliant.